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Automotive Repairs, Maintenance, and Warranty Services

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Automotive Maintenance Services: We offer complete maintenance and warranty services including full Tune-Ups, K-Services, Vehicle Inspections, Tire Rotation, Brake Flush and Fluid Replacement, Complete Hose Check and Replacement, Air Filter Replacement, Compression Check, Fuel Filter Check and Replacement, Belt Replacement, A/C Service and Repair, Cooling System Service, Differential Service and Fuel Injection Services and Much More!

Engine Services: Sun Valley Automotive is a full auto transmission repair and engine replacement shop, plus we are one of the Top 100 Nationwide Jasper Engines & Transmission repair shops. We also offer Rebuilt Transmission Services and Transmission Problem Analysis and Diagnostics. We perform transmission repair/replacement and engine repair/replacement on makes and models of all types including classic vehicles

Cooling and Heating Systems: Complete Radiator Repair, Automotive Cooling Fan Diagnosis and Repair, Radiator Replacement, Cooling System Diagnostics, Coolant Hose/Line Check and Repair and Radiator Hose Replacement.

Brake Services: Complete Auto Brake Repair including Brake Pads Replacement, Brake Rotor Replacement, Brake Drum and Rotor Resurfacing, Brake Drum Replacement, Brake Check, Service Brake System, Anti-Lock Brake System Diagnosis and Repair, Brake Bleeding and Parking Brake Repair and Replacement.

Complete Battery Services: Battery Check and Replacement, Battery Cable Replacement and Battery Wiring/Electrical Repair.

Full Exhaust Services: Complete Muffler Repair, Exhaust Diagnosis/Repair/Replacement and Catalytic Converter Services.

 Diagnostic Auto Repair Services: Check Engine Light Troubleshooting, Computer Diagnostics, Gas Tank Repair, Timing Belt Repair, Power Window Repair, Auto AC Repair, Trailer Brake Wiring, Automotive Wheel and Steering Repair, Automotive Electrical Repair and Full Dash Repair. Hi-Performance, Classic and Diesel Services – and more – If you have any questions about repairs that we do – give us a call and we’d be happy to schedule an appointment to look at your vehicle!

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